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Hey, I am Sugandh Rakha! I've always loved Maths, and fell in love with Computers while I was in my school. After completing my graduation, I wanted to gain some work experience, instead of pursuing a Master's immediately. And so began my journey with Amazon, Microsoft and ServiceNow.


My other interests: Public Speaking, Angel Investing.

Product Manager

  • 1) What are the Pros and Cons of a career in Product Management?
    2) How does one transition into product management from a different career?
    3) How important is a technical background for a career in product management?
    4) Can you share insights into the interview process for product management roles?
    5) How do product managers collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineering and marketing?
    6) What advice do you have for students aspiring to enter the field of product management?
    7) What was your experience like studying B.Tech in Computer Science at IIIT, Hyderabad?
    8) How can one enhance their college resume through extracurricular activities, internships, and other experiences?
    9) How did I overcome stage fright and develop my communication and public speaking skills?

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