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We are Taskeen and Sugandh. We are parents, just like you and both of us had completely different professional journeys. Sugandh's passion for computers dates back to his childhood while I pursued engineering only because I saw it as a way to achieve financial independence. After 8 years in the corporate sector, I started exploring what I’d enjoy doing the most, which led us to fulfilling careers in content creation, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

We understand the significance of having proper guidance for crucial decisions like choosing a career, selecting the right subjects and emphasising skill development during high school.

This realisation, along with experimentation with career counselling, inspired us to create 'Chikat'—a platform where parents who wish they had better career guidance back then, want to do it right this time around for their children.

Careers are changing faster than ever, and we get it - parenting keeps you busy! That's why we deliver concise, reliable career insights on emerging careers, making it easy to chat with your 6th-10th grader, while you help them pick up activities they might enjoy.. or not, using the method of elimination to arrive at a set of 3-4 main careers just in time to choose the right subjects in their 11th grade.

Originating from Hyderabadi slang, 'Chikat' embodies qualities of stickiness and unwavering determination. For us, it signifies the persistence and resolve shared by proactive parents in assisting their children in choosing the right career path.

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