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Hello! I'm Anvita, a psychologist with over 5 years of experience. I discovered my passion for this field in the 11th grade, and from that point forward, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to helping others. I explored the realm through internships, worked with diverse populations post-graduation, and eventually established my private practice. Currently, I specialize in supporting individuals dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues. It brings me fulfillment to assist them in navigating emotions for improved well-being.


Other Interests: Lipan Art, Reading & crafting crime fiction stories.


  • 1) What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Psychology?
    2) Experience of studying UG at Delhi University and PG (Psychology) at Christ University?
    3) How did I apply for internships during my UG? 
    4) Insights into the job landscape for psychologists in India.
    5) What is the recommended 12th-grade score for admission to a reputable psychology college?
    7) Are there specific entrance exams for psychology programs?
    8) What qualifications do I need to practice as a psychologist in India?

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