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Hi, I am Lieutenant Commander Abhishek Khandekar (Retired).  I served in the Indian Navy a short service commissioned officer for 10 years and retired from service in 2023. During my time in the Navy, I served onboard Sindhughosh class Submarines, an experience that was tough, challenging, and exhilarating. Despite being of shorter stature, which may not fit the typical military image, it proved advantageous in the confined spaces of submarines. :)


Prior to my military service, I earned a B.Tech degree from the College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, and began my career as a software engineer at Infosys, where I worked for three years. Driven by a desire to serve my nation, I transitioned from the corporate world to the military. Now, I have returned to the corporate sector and am currently employed at PRESPL, a green energy company specializing in the biomass sector.


Other Interests: Travelling, Driving

Indian Navy

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    5) What are the different branches of Indian Navy?
    6) What are the career opportunities after leaving the armed forces for short service commissioned officers?
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    8) How does serving in the Indian Navy contribute to personal and professional growth?

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