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Hello, I'm Ravi Shankar. I was the dedicated and studious kid throughout school and college, earning recognition as an NTSE Scholar. With consistent high scores in Maths and Science, I maintained a 9-pointer in college. Despite receiving offers from Microsoft and Yahoo, I opted for IIM Ahmedabad after cracking CAT on my first attempt. My career has spanned consultancy firms and major domestic and international banks.


Other Interests: Outside of work, my passions lie in Indian politics and automobiles. Interestingly, I've navigated interviews successfully without the typical involvement in sports or extra-curricular activities. However, I regret not seriously pursuing any sport, and that's something I aim to change in my life

Investment Banker

  • 1) What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Investment Banking?
    2) Navigating the decision between Course and College Reputation when choosing a college after 12th.
    3) How was studying Computer Science at IIIT, Hyderabad?
    4) My Internship experience at Microsoft, Hyd and Morgan Stanley, London.
    5) CAT preparation (99.97%) and getting admission offers from 6 IIMS.
    6) Strategies for building your resume: Balancing Passion vs. Practicality.
    7) How to apply learning from UG and Masters programs to the real-world?
    8) Demystifying CFA: Is it necessary with an MBA in Finance?

    Whether you're curious about MBA pursuits or navigating the financial maze, I'm here to share the insights!

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