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Hello, I'm Tejaswi. Since my early days at Infosys after college, I've been captivated by the challenge of solving problems and enhancing processes. This drive, coupled with a desire to explore diverse industries and roles, motivated me to pursue an MBA. Throughout my career, I've delved into various domains, including sales, planning, finance, and digital marketing. I'm deeply passionate about sharing the insights I've gained along my journey, with the hope of making yours a bit smoother.


Other Interests: Public Speaking, Travelling, Reading and Coin collection

Marketing Specialist

    1. What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing?
    2. What does my day-to-day look like as a Principal Performance Marketing Specialist working at Google?
    3. What skills and qualifications are needed to succeed in digital marketing?
    4. What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in the Banking Sector?
    5. What did my day-to-day look like while working at Citibank India?
    6. What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Sales and Distribution?
    7. How to decide which stream to choose while doing B.Tech? (My story)
    8. Is doing an MBA necessary for doing a career transition?
    9. How much does an MBA cost, and what are the financial aid options available?
    10. How do I choose the right MBA program for my career goals?
    11. How did I pivot from I.T to Banking to Sales to Digital Marketing?
    12. How to get good placements in BSchool?
    13. How to build a career in Digital Marketing?
    14. How can I gain practical experience in sales or digital marketing while still in school?

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