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Hi there, I'm Nandana. Growing up, I've always been curious about how things worked, which naturally drew me towards science. Studying civics and economics helped me grasp the social and business aspects of real-world issues. While my initial stream choice was influenced by family and friends, I've never looked back with regret. It wasn't until I embarked on my first job that I truly found my calling. Eventually, I pursued a Master's degree and transitioned into the fields of Data Science and product management.


Other Interests: Running, Hiking

Data Science (PM)

    1. What do Data Scientists do?
    2. What is the typical career path for aspiring Data Scientists?
    3. What are the key programming languages and tools used in Data Science?
    4. How was the experience of doing UG at SRKR Engineering College?
    5. Is doing a Master’s necessary to have a career in Data Science? 
    6. What did I learn during my Master’s at University of Illinois?
    7. How to start building a Data science portfolio in your PG?
    8. My Internship journey while doing my Master’s.
    9. What types of industries and companies hire Data Scientists?
    10. What are the salary expectations for entry-level and experienced Data Scientists?
    11. How can students gain practical experience and build their portfolio as aspiring Data Scientists?
    12.  What kind of jobs can IT UG and Information Science PG students apply to? 

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