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Hi, I'm Donita. My fascination with the art of communication began early, and I discovered my love for journalism during my school days. Despite initially opting for commerce due to limited options, I pursued a BA in English Literature and Communication Studies, strengthening my commitment to the field. Now, armed with a keen sense for news, I'm passionately pursuing a career in journalism and communications.


Other Interests: I enjoy creating and editing videos, particularly vlogging. Additionally, I find fulfillment in volunteering whenever possible, especially in caring for dogs.

Print Journalist

    1. What are the Pros and Cons of being a Journalist?
    2. What skills are necessary to become a journalist? (like networking, writing, interviewing, fact-checking?)
    3. What kind of jobs can journalism students apply to? (like reporting, editing, instructional design, PR professionals, communications, think tank jobs, researcher at political organisations etc)
    4. List of Entrance Exams for Government jobs for Journalism Students 
    5. What other careers can Journalists pivot to after a few years?
    6. What are the different roles, formats and beats (areas of specialisation like crime, multimedia, foreign correspondence etc) within journalism, and how to pick one?
    7. What is the salary range for journalists, and how does it vary based on experience and location?
    8. How was my experience of pursuing UG at St.Theresa’s College?
    9. My internship experiences as front desk management at a hotel, hospital communications team and at an advertisement company.
    10. Was doing a Masters from University of Hyderabad helpful for my career?
    11. How did I score a gold medal during my Master’s and was it crucial at the workplace later?
    12. Should journalists build a design portfolio in their UG and how?
    13. Work Life Balance in Journalism
    14. Women in Journalism (timings, night shifts and senior management)
    15. What are the ethical considerations and challenges faced by journalists in today's media landscape?
    16. How has technology and digital media impacted the field of journalism?

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