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Hello, I'm Mini! I spent my childhood in India and have had the opportunity to live and work in three other countries. From an early age, I leaned towards practical applications rather than research, discovering my knack for solving business problems using technology. My professional journey commenced as a Project Manager at Microsoft, followed by a consulting role at McKinsey, and now I'm immersed in the realm of enterprise technology with Cisco. Beyond work, I find joy in traveling and exploring new destinations with my husband

Business Strategist

  • 1) What is Product Management? (Pros and Cons of the profession)
    2) How was studying at VJTI (B.Tech) or INSEAD (MBA)? Why either of these colleges?
    3) My internship journey during UG and/or PG?
    4) Why did I decide to pursue my MBA abroad?
    5) How to build profile/brand to get into master’s program in international colleges?
    6) Why MBA after engineering?
    7) What lead you to switch from tech to consulting and back to tech?

    Any other questions related to engineering, MBA, product management or consulting jobs, studying or working outside of India, US/Europe job market/visa situation, etc.

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