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Hey! I'm Ben. Growing up, I always found myself drawn to the kitchen, often cooking alongside my mom, aunts, and uncles, captivated by the delightful aromas filling the air. Being from a middle-class family, making the right career choice was crucial. Inspired by my brother's service in the Air Force, I initially considered following in his footsteps, but his advice during my 10th class steered me away after weighing the responsibilities involved.Although I continued to cook with my mom occasionally, I never imagined culinary arts as my career path until I stumbled upon the popular TV show "Khana Khazana."


Despite excelling in numbers and considering commerce or accounts, my perspective shifted when I attended an introduction program at a culinary school, where the notion of "Cooking as a Chef" captured my imagination.Since then, I have never looked back, and I have no regrets about choosing this path.


Other Interests: As a lifelong sports enthusiast, I prioritize fitness and enjoy running regularly. I also relish movie nights with family and make it a habit to try a new restaurant every month.

Head Chef

  • 1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a career as a Chef?
    2) What guidance would you offer to a young student considering a path in culinary arts?
    3) What courses and certifications did I pursue to become a Chef?
    4) My experiences of working in Hotels in India, Muscat and Australia.
    5) Why did I decide to move back from a corporate job at Infosys to the Hospitality industry?
    6) How can aspiring chefs ignite and nurture their passion for culinary excellence?
    7) Is it possible for aspiring chefs to transition into successful entrepreneurs?
    8) How do you identify the most suitable mentor to guide you in your culinary journey?
    9) In the era of social media's prominence, do you emphasize authenticity or entertainment in your approach to culinary arts?
    10) Amidst the popularity of culinary television shows like Masterchef, how do you stay motivated while striving for recognition and success in your career?

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