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Hi, I'm Nivetha! I started my career in the science stream, but my passion for working with people led me to switch to humanities (after convincing parents, ofcourse!).During my undergraduate years, I engaged in extensive volunteer work with NGOs, ultimately discovering TISS. Graduating from TISS accelerated my personal and professional growth, opening doors to diverse paths in social work. Post TISS, I focused on addressing malnutrition among children and women and am currently working with tribal adolescents, experiencing the fulfillment of aligning my profession with my passion.


Other Interests: Reading, Public Speaking.

Social Worker

  • 1) What does a day in the life of a Social Worker look like?
    2) What are the Pros and Cons of being a Social Worker?
    3) Is Social Work solely a service-oriented field, or can one also earn from it?
    4) Share the motivation behind your transition from Science to a UG degree in Humanities.
    5) How was the TISS admission process like and how was the experience of studying there?
    6) What are the various social work disciplines and how to choose a specialisation?
    7) What skills are essential for a successful career as a Social Worker? 

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