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Hello, I'm Palak Khanna! An environmental researcher, development enthusiast, and entrepreneur. My focus is on sustainable agriculture and development.


I'm passionate about addressing social issues through the lens of humanities, particularly home science, geography and psychology. Contrary the common stereotype, Home Science goes beyond kitchen and sewing, covering human development, communication, fabric and apparel science, food and nutrition, and resource management. These subjects combine theory with hands-on experience, creating a holistic and engaging learning environment for experimentation and skill-building.


Other Interests: Passionate about reading, art, music, and content creation. Enjoys exploring cultural events for rejuvenation and has a keen interest in fashion

Research Associate

  • 1. What are the Pros and Cons of being a Research Associate?
    2. What is Home Science and Development Communication?
    3. Career Opportunities in the field of Mass Communication and Social Media Management.
    4. Clearing Entrance Exams for M.Sc Development Communications and Extension programs.
    5. How to find Internship opportunities in the social sector?
    6. How can I balance academics, practical experiences, and personal interests effectively during my undergraduate studies?
    7. What are effective strategies for securing jobs after completing a Master's or UG degree?
    8. What are good online courses to boost skills in development and social research

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